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Disobedient Objects is an exhibition that examines the powerful role of objects in movements for social change. Organised by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and originally on view in London in 2014, the exhibition is now being presented in Sydney. From suffragette teacups to protest robots, from Argentina to Syria, this global exhibition demonstrates how political activism drives a wealth of design ingenuity and collective creativity that defy standard definitions of art and design.

During the process of development for the Sydney presentation it became clear that there was huge scope to discuss the themes and objects in relation to an Australian experience of grass-roots social movements. Personal and political histories are intertwined, local and global contexts are inter-related. This blog extends the conversation that Disobedient Objects started in the UK and includes contributions from curators, museum staff and guest contributors such as lenders to the exhibition, academics, artists, activists, community organisers and students from the Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership program, UNSW.

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Katie Dyer, Curator Contemporary, MAAS

One response to “Welcome to the Disobedient Objects Blog

  • Hi Katie,
    I really enjoyed the Disobedient Objects exhibition. It was great to see the Powerhouse document cultural objects from the grassroots.

    I wanted to share a short video clip from Pete Strong who made two of the wheelie bins that you featured.
    It’s the story of the bins’ genesis as told by John Jacobs, the designer of the bin, who you quote in the exhibition.

    This clip is part of a longer documentary feature film about party and protest in Sydney which Pete has just finished and which tells lots of previously untold stories about the Sydney underground resistance. Pete’s film is called ‘Do it yourselves Culture’ and there is more info at :

    I think this film is a herculean effort by Pete and he deserves big karma for putting together a fantastic document of Sydney’s hidden histories.

    I know Pete is doing a Fan Force screening at the Dendy in Newtown on Feb 17 so I’m cheekily giving it a plug here. I recommend it.

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