Linear Artists: Wayne Quilliam

We are shades of our lands. We are not one people, nor a single voice, or of city or bush. We are many people and many cultures. We are people of family, of kinship. Our Elders hold our knowledge; our young carry our hopes. We share an understanding but hold many beliefs. Our pasts and our futures are joined. We’ve known great loss and shown great strength. We are the first people of these lands. We are shades of our lands. We are here.

Throughout my career I have seen much and learned much about diversity, about cultural practices and about the world in which I live.
Some days I am an artist — some days I am a journalist and social commentator — and some days I am merely a mirror and a reflection of today’s society.

I use established and new media technologies to document the stories of our people and — like the early pioneers of photographic theory — I work to capture the cultural fabric of society to ensure that there is a record of contemporary practices for our future generations. For them to have access to knowledge about their histories and to inform the building of their own identity is the force that drives my work.

Through this work I have discovered much about my own identity — who I am and what my role and responsibilities are within my own community — and that I constantly do what I can to keep the stories alive.
Wayne Quilliam