Linear Artists: Allery Sandy

I just love drawing places that have significant stories that were told to me by the Elders in the early days. I’ve even travelled with them and heard how these places are connected to Aboriginal people and why they are sacred. I keep those stories within me and whenever I go bush I repeat it to my kids. You know, ‘Abi (Grandfather) said this place has a lot of stories.’ At the moment I’m having a go at a picture of the dam, because the dam is a significant story. It used to give us a good supply to the river. There were sacred sites there. When I’m painting I’m communicating with the canvas, centring myself on colours and on the canvas and the design. I just need to work on that. My concentration is interrupted and distracted often. I could paint all day without interruption. I could get halfway on a canvas in a day. If I’m really enjoying it, I’ll protect my time with the canvas and refuse to be interrupted. I’m telling a story to the kids. Children always ask, ‘What you painting, Nanna?’ It’s honouring the tradition and passing it on to our children. Someone might step in my shoes and learn. We share our stories.
Allery Sandy, artist statement