How to Connect

To connect your classroom to the Powerhouse Museum via video conference you will need:

· A reliable internet connection
· A projector or screen connected to your device
· A camera and microphone connected to your device

It is recommended that your classroom be set up so each learner can see and hear the presenter during the video conference.

Where possible, a test call can be organised ahead of your scheduled session to ensure a successful connection on the day. Please email learn@maas.museum or let our bookings team know available times and dates.

Direct Connection using Zoom

The simplest way to connect to the Powerhouse Museum is through a direct connection using Zoom via Aarnet. The connection does not require any software to be downloaded, but does require a computer (PC or Mac) with an internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone.

The Zoom connection to the Powerhouse Museum is secure and private. After confirming your school’s booking you will receive an instructional email, that will contain the link to the Zoom room and the passcode required to enter the room. Click on the link to open the connection in your chosen web browser. Zoom will automatically activate your device’s camera and microphone.

Other Connection Options

If your school is unable to connect using Zoom, please contact us to discuss other options for connecting with the Museum by emailing learn@maas.museum