Get inspired by our collection sets and resources to keep your students experimenting, making and learning.

Teacher Professional Learning

Keen to explore physical computing and digital technologies in your classroom? Perfect for beginners or teachers interested in introducing Arduino to their learners, this teacher workshop provides an exciting hands-on approach to the creative possibilities of electronics and programming.

SHAPE 2020

Explore the Shape 2020 exhibition (27 February – 9 May 2021), including a virtual walk-through and annotated portfolios. A selection of webinars produced as part of Shape 2020 can be accessed via DART Connections.

Collection Set - Design Nation

Featuring objects from the MAAS collection, this selection showcases the genius designs behind well-loved and ubiquitous Australian products.

Collection Set - Design and Technology

This collection set has been designed for those studying HSC Design and Technology. It can be used as a resource for design research and idea development when producing the portfolio for the major design project.

Collection Set - Museum and the Moon

The Moon is our closest other world, a constant companion in the solar system. Inspiring poems, storytelling, innovation and technology over hundreds of years, it wasn’t until 1969 that the dream of spaceflight to the Moon was achieved. View the set.

Video Conferences

Explore the depth of astronomical knowledge systems held by Australia’s first people, engaging with the celestial knowledge of the Wergaia Nation revealing the intricate relationships deeply embedded in science and culture. Hear from the founder of Deadly Science Corey Tutt and learn about the knowledge and contributions made by Australia’s first scientists.