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The Art of Curating

June 2, 2014

Guest in the ‘In your face: contemporary graphic design’ exhibition As the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences in Sydney undertakes a restructure, downsizing staff numbers as it endeavours to become more nimble and sustainable, curators will soon be re-applying for their jobs.

Curating the Apollo 11 exhibition

July 19, 2019

A mannequin wearing a space suit stands on a silver circular plinth. To the left is a title wall reading 'Apollo 11' with diagrams of spacecraft around it. Last month the Museum opened a new exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. As the curator, I’ve spent the past 12-18 months developing this exhibition, which explores the events of 1969, and celebrates what is possibly the greatest scientific achievement of all time.

Food Work Sex Belief: How Art and Science Meet

November 28, 2018

From popular culture to mainstream media to discourse on the post-, trans- and non- human, the human impact of current technological change is palpable. The exhibition Human non Human responds to this sense of anxiousness and exhilaration.

Curating shoes: from heel to toe

December 17, 2014

'Heel appeal' showcase 2014 On 29 November 2014, the Museum opened 'RECOLLECT: Shoes' – a new exhibition inspired by the idea of visible display storage. Comprising more than 800 shoes dating from the 1500s to now, visitors can see everything from the first pair of elastic sided boots in the world made for Queen Victoria in 1837 to designer names like Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent and Lacroix.

Curating the seamy side- historic pubs in sydney

December 28, 2009

Hotel Marrickville These bars were designed for binge drinking, 1930s style. In those days excessive boozing was usually called the six o’clock swill, a feature of NSW pubs from 1916 to 1955, the period when hotels had to close at six o’clock.

The Ideal Home Exhibition: Australian experiences of home across the past 100 years

January 29, 2019

Home should be a place of security, intimacy, love and family, a haven from the world. It is where we can express ourselves through the location, architecture, furnishings and decoration. But 'home' is also a site of financial burden, fracture, loss and danger - and increasingly for some, a home is simply unattainable.

Meet the Curator: Kristina Stankovski

July 11, 2018

Akira Isogawa with MAAS Curator Kristina Stankovski, preparing an asymmetrical spot-print top Name: Kristina Stankovski Role: Assistant Curator What is your area of expertise? Fashion and Dress What's your background and how did you come to work at the Museum? I hold a Master of Arts in the History and Culture of Fashion from the London College of Fashion, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Museum Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Sydney University.

Nightingales, Sirens, Ventriloquists and Gramophones: This is a Voice

September 6, 2017

Installation view Utterance by Lawrence English Plutarch (b. 46 CE) tells the story of a man who plucks the feathers from a Nightingale and on finding nothing more than a scrawny body not worth eating, exclaims ‘You are a voice and nothing more.’ The power and potency of the voice, in this case, the human voice, is the focus of the exhibition This is a Voice which opened at the Powerhouse Museum on August 10.

Sandstone and Pyrmont

March 26, 2012

Sandstone details Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont When I walk around Pyrmont I look for glimpses of sandstone. The material that once formed the distinctive cliffs and gulleys on the peninsula. Now it exists as the nearly invisible layers beneath the streets and buildings.