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Christmas, jewellery and the Museum’s collection

Photograph of 'Found Out - Floral Brooches' Red 001
Photograph of 'Found Out - Floral Brooches' Silvery Gold 002

Photograph of 'Found Out - Floral Brooches' Green 003
Brooches, ‘Found Out – Floral Brooches’ aluminium / stainless steel, Roseanne Bartley, Australia , designed 2004, made 2013. Collection: Powerhouse Museum, Photography: Rebecca Evans

I am pretty excited to share these floral brooches with you by contemporary studio jeweller Roseanne Bartley. Not only are they recent acquisitions for the Museum’s permanent collection, but they will also be displayed in our exciting and upcoming jewellery exhibition, due to open September 2014.

Bartley delights in making unique jewellery with a social and environmental message. Made from drink can ring-pull tabs, these brooches reflect Bartley’s interest in using everyday ‘found’ objects. Her approach has resulted in recycling rubbish into intriguing contemporary jewellery.

Exploring the meaning of jewellery across time and cultures, the Museum’s upcoming exhibition will present an exciting selection of the best and most original jewellery- both Australian and international. Jewellery has remained important to humans throughout  history and while its cultural and social significance and aesthetic values may have changed over time –  rings, earrings, brooches and necklaces remain among  the most personal and intimate objects we wear and own.

This is a very small taste of our upcoming jewellery exhibition. Next year we will continue to share the exhibition with you as it is developed.

Written by Rebecca Evans, Assistant Curator and Eva Czernis-Ryl, Curator



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