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Museum blogs, a few favourites in 2013

Photograph Artwork, 'Another World Wide Web', installation
Artwork, ‘Another World Wide Web’, installation, by Shane Waltener, United Kingdom, 2010,  Love Lace exhibition. Powerhouse Museum

When Emily Thomas wrote her guide to the top 100 museum related blogs in July 14, 2009  it was an interesting and brave attempt to list engaging, informative and ongoing Museological posts. I say brave as things don’t stay stationary on the web, and something that was good one minute can be gone the next. Recently the top 100 blogs were re listed in ‘Rethinking the museum’ discussion on Linked In. Now looking at them four years later (or four centuries in technology time) some of the web of connections have been have broken or blogs have not been continued. Part of the challenge or hazards of working on the world wide web.

There was also a distinct North American emphasis in these blog site selections. I thought initially they were the most active at the time. Having gone through the list, I realise there are not a lot from Asia or certainly not a lot in English. There is the Muse a broader blog on art, design and culture in Singapore.  A few caught my eye from this earlier listing.  Blogs that are interesting and relevant to the world of Museums, be it from an audience, science, art, history or museuological musings.  Like the The Zymoglyphic Museum curator’s blog’ and  ‘Around the mall’ which covers what’s happening at the many Smithsonian museums.  Museum 2.0 is still a winner providing a fresh look at museums, in particular the areas of participation and education. Now there is a broader world of blogs including Museum geek and Thinking about museums Around digital media,technology and museums there is Fresh and new(er) and with a more geeky angle with technical discussions The Contemporary Museum which is a collection of thoughts on, and experiments with, new technology in museums.

From the well known Museums there are the lovely Victoria and Albert Museum blog which takes you behind the scenes of the Museum to a few different blogs and Inside the Museum of London and the more archaeologically focused British Museum blogs and the Manchester Museum blog has posts on Egyptology, plants, insects and more. The National Archaeological Museum of Athens has object of the month For those interested in the slightly macabre there is the Morbid anatomy blog and at a local level the Te Papa blog posts have recently been wrestling with how to sex a sun fish- quite tricky apparently. If you have any blogs you think are great please let me know.

Written by Anni Turnbull, curator

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