Inside the Collection

Dream Homes

December 5, 2012

Charles Pickett
The poster artwork above is the work of Jean and Joan McAdam, twin sisters who ran a successful graphic design business for several companies including LJ Hooker, developers of the Killarney Heights Estate. Recently I posted about a Beachcomber project home built at Killarney Heights in 1965 for Ruby Matthews and family.

Condoman and other Safe Sex campaigns

December 3, 2012

Anni Turnbull
“Don’t Be Shame Be Game” is the tag line for the Condoman safe sex campaign which was created in 1987 by Aunty Gracelyn Smallwood and a team of Aboriginal Sexual Health Workers in Townsville, Queensland.

World AIDS Day 1st December 2012- we have come a long way

December 1, 2012

Anni Turnbull
The theme for this year's WORLD AIDS Day is 'getting to Zero, which mean zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination . Zero AIDS related Deaths'. Australia has come a long way since the first World AIDS Day in 1988 and the first AIDS case came to its shores in 1982.

String bags, AIDS and Papua New Guinea

November 28, 2012

Christina Sumner
Always bulging, because that's their nature, string bags are almost a thing of the past, relegated to memory by designer totes and paper carrier bags. One of the few string bags I see these days is the orange one my daughter uses to stuff all the beach toys into.

Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention: Eiffel Tower telephone

November 26, 2012

Debbie Rudder
After walking up the garden path, visitors to this exhibition will enter Wallace & Gromit's front room and discover three showcases filled with inventions. One traces the history of the telephone, from an early wall-mounted wooden box with hand-wound dynamo to the first mobile phone designed and made in Australia.

On Broadway

November 21, 2012

Charles Pickett
Recently I gave some help to a heritage architect  working on the Broadway Central Park development. We were looking at the Kent Brewery photos in our Tooth & Co collection. I particularly enjoyed revisiting the Broadway photos,  timely given that Broadway is having its biggest makeover in decades.  As well as the vast Central Park project, UTS is gaining a new building on the northern side of Broadway while the street level podium of the UTS Tower will be transformed.

Japanese rickshaw

November 19, 2012

Margaret Simpson
One of the older and more unusual objects in our collection is the Japanese rickshaw which we've had at the Museum for 120 years. A rickshaw, or Jinrikisha, is a light, two-wheeled cart consisting of a doorless, chairlike body, mounted on springs with a collapsible hood and two shafts.

The halcyon days of the Sunbeam motorcycle

November 14, 2012

Lynne McNairn
This charming drawing is from the cover of a sales catalogue for the 1929 range of Sunbeam motorcycles. The drawing shows a man astride his Sunbeam in the English countryside, with an empty country road stretched out behind him.

Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention: Victa mower

November 12, 2012

Debbie Rudder
Why is this lawnmower being checked out and spruced up in the Powerhouse Museum’s conservation lab? The answer is it’s one a diverse group of objects I’ve selected to add to the whacky mix of stories, ideas and activities in the upcoming exhibition Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention.

The Beachcomber

November 7, 2012

Charles Pickett
One of the nice things about a museum project going public is the response from people with relevant artefacts, stories, photographs etc. Often this can be frustrating – if only we had known about this before the exhibition was opened, book was launched etc!

Weird bicycles – a skate bike

November 5, 2012

Margaret Simpson
What do you get when you cross a BMX bike with a skateboard? A skate bike … a really unusual rear-wheel driven unicycle with a set of skateboard trucks and wheels at the front. Skate bikes enjoyed limited popularity during the 1980s and were made in both Florida and Los Angeles.

Tales of a travelling platypus, supporting regional museums

October 31, 2012

Vanessa Pitt
Bright and early on a Monday morning in September, Conservators Carey Ward and Vanessa Pitt made the long and sometimes bumpy ride in the Powerhouse Museum (PHM) truck to Alstonville Plateau. Carey and Vanessa had been given the task of taking a very special A category object to the Crawford House Museum - a rare platypus skin rug made from the pelts of approximately 80 platypuses, and bordered in possum fur, backed by soft felt.