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Condoman and other Safe Sex campaigns

Jeremy Youse Condoman at Sun Shine Coast Pride Fair Day
Jeremy Youse wearing a Condoman costume at the Sun Shine Coast Pride Fair Day. Image Courtesy Two Spirits Programme, Queensland Association for Healthy Communities

“Don’t Be Shame Be Game” is the tag line for the Condoman safe sex campaign which was created in 1987 by Aunty Gracelyn Smallwood and a team of Aboriginal Sexual Health Workers in Townsville, Queensland.

The Condoman suit, cartoons, poster and badge were crucial to the campaign’s success and are part of an educational resource developed for Indigenous communities. Condoman is an iconic figure for sexual health and the prevention of HIV and AIDS within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It utilises Indidgenous humour, the blue, white and green stripe on the arms of the costume reference the Torres Strait Island flag.

The use of comic style illustrations has also been used in effectively in broader safe sex campaigns like this ‘Condoms: power through protection’.

Poster, 'Condoms. Power through protection'
2001/75/71 Poster, ‘Condoms. Power through protection’, colour offset print, paper / plastic, Department of Health, New South Wales, Australia, 1990s

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