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Meet a Student Fashion Designer- Crystal Tsoi

Portrait photograph of designer Crystal Tsoi
Photography © Powerhouse Museum, all rights reserved.

Just in case you didn’t see my earlier post, over on D’Hub we’ve started a new series of interviews with designers called 6×6. The concept is simple. We interview 6 designers in 6 minutes each – delving into the quirky, the unknown, the understated and the oh-so unbelieveable personal habits, interests, thoughts and idiosyncracies of Australian and International designers. Here is a snapsot from our 6×6 series of interviews with student fashion designers.

Designer’s name: Crystal Tsoi
What she’s known for? Crystal is the first student (i.e. non-graduate) to be selected to show at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. She is currently featured in the Student Fashion exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum and she is a finalist in the Australasian Student Design Awards for her ‘Intangible Contortion’ collection.

Q1. If there was only one material left on the planet, what would you want it to be?

Q2. What would you make from it?
Maybe a [transparent!] dress.

Q3. What was the last exhibition you visited?
This one here!

Q4. What is the most played song on your iPod?
Muse – Unintended.

Q5. Apart from your own, what do you think is the most fabulously designed dress to date and why?
Viktor and Rolf – their designs are very innovative. They studied architecture before they did fashion so I like the way they incorporate this. They share the same ideas I have.

Q6. Describe your design approach in three words
(1) Forms (2) Proportion (3) Illusion

Q7. What’s the best thing about your work?
I’ve been doing fashion for 5 years – the first 4 years was getting read for this moment. Coming to Australia has given me more confidence to be myself and therefore I’m more innovative.

Q8. What’s the worst?
My work is not mature or perfect yet – I’m still a student. I want to be creative still, but also balance my ideas with the commercial side.

Q9. What’s the next design you’re working on?
Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in May. I have been selected to show even though I haven’t graduated yet. I’ll be sticking to the theme of “Intangible Contortion” (showing in the 2011 Student Fashion exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum). There will be 6 graduates (including me as a non-graduate!) doing 10 pieces each.

Q10. Who is your design icon and why?
I don’t have a particular one. I llike the big names and I get inspiration from multiple ones. For example, McQueen, Viktor & Rolf etc.

From the top…
Interviewees are asked to select which of the following pairs of words best describes them.

Caribbean or Casablanca? Caribbean
Eames or Aalto? Don’t know
Cat or dog? Dog
Red wine or white wine? Red wine
Apartment or house? House
Mercedes or BMW? Mini Cooper
Picasso or Renoir? Picasso
Myer or David Jones? David Jones
Swim or jog? Swim
Michael or Madonna? Michael
Gaga or Katy? Katy
iPhone or Blackberry? Blackberry
Snow or surf? Surf
Lefty or righty? Righty
Cadbury or Nestle? Nestle
Black or white? White
Skinny or full cream? Full cream
With sugar or without? Without
Cash or card? Cash
Half empty or half full? Half full

Complete the sentences…

Today I’m wearing… a black dress from Hong Kong, a $2 scarf from Balmain markets, a $65 pair of knee-high boots from Dotti, a power shoulder jacket from Hong Kong and a necklace with a Buddha etched on it my Mum gave me. I was born in the Year of the Rabbit – my Mum got the necklace from a temple in Hong Kong and I will wear it for luck for the rest of this year!
The next thing I have to buy is… an industrial machine to do more design sewing.
Before this interview, I was… at home scanning my designs for Fashion Week.
After this interview, I am… going to see my machinist to finish off my dress for the Wool Awards in Surry Hills.

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