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Many people don’t realise that our curators actively acquire objects for the Museum’s collection. We are going to start featuring our recent acqusitions on the blog. I hope you enjoy them!

A man and women in Gothic attire on King Street, Newtown with the Bank Hotel in the in the background. Text in image "Newtown - Under a blue Moon"
Poster by Anne Zahalka. Collection: Powerhouse Museum
Pub poster on the exterior wall of the Bank Hotel in Newtown. With two women in the background drinking beers
Photograph by Charles Pickett, Powerhouse Museum.

This poster is one of several created for Anne Zahalka’s exhibition Homeground!, which was displayed on four Newtown hotels during May 2010.

The poster is significant partly because it results from a collaboration with the Powerhouse Museum. Anne Zahalka first approached the Powerhouse in 2004 with the idea of creating contemporary photographic versions of the pub advertising paintings which adorned the exteriors of NSW hotels from the 1930s to the 1960s. The Powerhouse holds the largest collection of these paintings. The collection formed Anne’s main source material.

(written by Charles Pickett)

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