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Latest Australian product design on show

The Museum’s annual selection from the 2010 Australian International Design Awards is now on show as part of Sydney Design 2010.

Figure wearing Emotiv Epoc headset
Emotiv EPOC by 4design and Emotiv Systems. Courtesy Australian International Design Awards, part of Standards Australia

This year’s exhibition includes a gaming headset that reads brain signals and facial expressions and a pocket-sized ultrasound system. Student concepts including a device that stores a heart during transit before heart transplant surgery and a light tanker used as a fire reconnaissance vehicle in bushfires are also displayed. Ten industry products and six student design concepts from this year’s awards are on display. The Museum’s selection is made from the finalists and is based on good design, innovation and the potential of products to improve our environment, health or wellbeing.

Since 1992 the Powerhouse Museum has been building the country’s first collection of contemporary product design selected from the prestigious Australian International Design Awards. The winning products have been displayed in the Museum and some have been added to the permanent collection of Australian industrial design. Products are selected because they show potential to become important in the life of Australians, be significant to Australian industry or provide an opportunity for Australian design to be recognised in the global marketplace.

The products selected by the Museum reflect the diverse range of entries in the Awards. The first Powerhouse Museum Selection in 1992 included the HPM Fanlight and Surgeguard power surge protector, products that are still in the marketplace eighteen years later. Since then the selection has ranged from simple everyday items such as the Clark sink plug to specialised technologies such as the Mine Site Integrated Communications Cap Lamp. Design for sustainability has been of constant interest throughout the selection, represented by products such as the Kambrook Axis kettle, Rainbank pump controller and Caroma Smartflush toilet. Medical technologies have also featured strongly, from the Bionica ambulatory drug infusion pump to the Cochlear implant.

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