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Ready for Winter?

Electric slippers
Collection: Powerhouse Museum

In Sydney, we have just had our first “cold snap” for Winter and this made me think of these Electric Slippers from our collection.

The slippers were made by the Sharp Corporation in Japan. They feature thick rubber soles with an electric cord leading from the front toe of each slipper. The cord is separate for approximately 30 cms and then it joins into a single electric cord about 2 metres long, ending in an electric plug!

The museum record states (with perhaps just a touch of indignation)

To most Australians, who do not know what it feels like to have really cold feet, the electric shoes are a comical invention, but for those who have to survive cold winters and the elderly suffering from arthritis, they are extremely practical

I must admit that I find them a bit odd. We do not have an exact date of manufacture. The database lists somewhere between 1970 and 1998. To me, they look as if they would predate the widespread use of the TV remote control, so I guess if you had them set up in front of your favourite armchair and stayed glued to the ABC they would do a fine job.

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  • They are very very cool! They would be good for Canberra weather. I just finished a reading unit of work called “Stepping Through Time” which looks at shoes. I saw some shoes worn with shoes inside them and I saw some funny thongs with stilts.They are traditional Chinese shoes.There were also moccasins worn by native American Indians.
    I wrote a description about a slipper. Then my teacher found this when she was doing some research for a unit on museums.I am a distance education student at NEPSODE in Port Macquarie.

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