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Model ship ‘Revenge’

Ship model of the ‘Revenge’ made by Frank Herbert Lee, Sydney, c. 1930
Collection, Powerhouse Museum.

The great thing about having our collection online is that it has made it very easy to search all the great objects we have hidden away!

This model ship was recently discovered by a member of the public, on our online database. It was built by his great grandfather, Frank H Lee, in the 1930s.

Although the ship ‘Revenge’ is significant in its own right, this object also tells the story of the many hours that a talented model maker put into creating this stunning model.

Mr Frank H Lee, appears to have been a prolific ship modeller. He seems to have constructed the models for his own enjoyment rather than for sale as many modellers did in this period. During the Depression modeller’s skill provided a source of income for some.

Whilst this particular model may not often be on display, having our collection online means it can be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Do any of our readers make models? Ive always wanted to know how they get those big ship models into the glass bottles….

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