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First Powered Flight in Australia- Intro

Colin Defries with his Wright Model A 'The Stella' at Victoria Park Racecourse
Colin Defries with his Wright Model A ‘The Stella’ at Victoria Park Racecourse, Image courtesy of John Scott

On December 9th this year the Museum will celebrate the centenary of the first powered flight in Australia through a joint meeting with the Royal Aeronautical Society and Aviation Historical Society of NSW and a small foyer showcase display. I understand that, in Victoria, plans are already underway to celebrate the same centenary on March 18th next year. Maybe the South Australians have plans for a similar celebration, the day before, on March 17th? But how can three States claim a national first? It’s a long story but nevertheless an interesting one which includes, of all people, the renowned escapologist and showman, Harry Houdini. If I’ve whetted your interest then this story of claim and counter claim will be unravelled for you over the next few weeks. I did mention that it is a long story!

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