Inside the Collection

Welcome to the new curatorial blog!

Ever wondered what happens to things in museums when they aren’t on display? Ever wanted to visit a museum’s basement? Ever wondered what curators get up to down there?

Well here’s your chance to find out!

We will be posting every week, so stay tuned for some amazing objects, great stories, and even a chance to help us solve some mysteries!

3 responses to “Welcome to the new curatorial blog!

    • Thanks Linda. Although I am not religious i know there is no Patron Saint of Curators! however, the Patron Saint of librarians is St Jerome, and the Patron Saint of public servants is St Thomas More. Probably the most fitting is the Patron Saint of learning, who is St Ambrose.

  • I am a total heathen, but the thought appealed to me, as the Patron Saint of Curators must have had a finger in the pie when this blog was created.

    [Was to be] Final Thought – if there was one, it would probably be St Anthony of Padeo – He is the Patron Saint of Lost Objects.

    Then, I googled “Patron Saint of Cataloguers”. We Cataloguers are a remote sub-sept of Curators. Should have left well enough alone.

    There are many.

    But I like St Minutia :

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