Faith Fashion Fusion – The Business of Modest Fashion

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The Muslim fashion entrepreneurs represented here create stylish clothing and accessories for the modest fashion market. They fuse global trends with more modest cuts and rework regional dress styles such as the abaya (long loose fitting gown) and the shalwar kameez (tunic top and pants) into more fashionable silhouettes.

‘Modest fashion’ is a growing industry which extends beyond the Muslim community to a broader non-Muslim base. The designers represented here come from Lebanese, Syrian and Anglo-Australian backgrounds and have established their businesses in Western Sydney, a population hub for Sydney’s Muslim community. Through online e-tailing and social media many of these brands are branching out to the global Muslim community.

Ahiida® Ahiida®
Aida Zein Aida Zein
Baraka Baraka Women
Fay Tellaoui Fay Tellaoui
Integrity Boutique Integrity Boutique