Closed event

Tanabata: Star Village at the Powerhouse

Finished 17 July 2016
Powerhouse Museum

Join us to weave, fold, write, listen, play, imagine and create a whole new world as ArtsPeople transform the Powerhouse Museum into a village of bamboo, string and paper.

Tanabata is a Japanese legend which celebrates the story of how two stars – Orihime (Vega), a heavenly princess who weaves clouds, and Hikoboshi (Altair), a cow-herder – came to fall in love and be in the sky.

This immersive, participatory art experience is suitable for all ages and is FREE FOR KIDS under 16 years.

Drop in to contribute to the growing installation created by ArtsPeople and Slow Art Collective (artists Chaco Kato and Dylan Martorell) and take part in a suite of Tanabata activities:

  • Follow in Princess Orihime’s footsteps and learn how to weave a colourful pattern in our giant collective installation.
  • Take part in an interactive storytelling to learn about Orihime and Hikoboshi, the star lovers separated by the Milky Way, performed by actors Shingo Usami and Noriko Yamanaka (hourly from 10.30 am).
  • Write your wish for the future on a tanzaku wishing card and hang it on the bamboo structure.
  • Learn to fold origami creations to hang up or take home! Plus on weekends, artist Midori Furze will amaze you with her origami demonstrations (hourly from 11.00 am-3.00 pm).
  • Explore a musical galaxy in our interactive sound installation, where bamboo stars respond to your touch, emitting beautiful Tanabata-inspired music.

An ArtsPeople production at the Powerhouse Museum, in partnership with the Japan Foundation, Sydney