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Space Games Workshops (Ages 7–9)

Duration: 2 hours
Finished 29 June 2021
Sydney Observatory

These workshops offer an introduction to a selection of space apps that are freely available online.

Young participants will begin by playing with Sydney Observatory’s own unique tablet based augmented reality programs to investigate the causes of day and night, before exploring the size and beauty of our Solar System.

Moving beyond the Oort cloud into interstellar space, they will jump onto Space Engine, a universe simulator that permits users to exceed the speed limit of light and travel to exoplanets, nebulae and galaxies with star-eating black holes ― including the monstrous, Sagittarius A* at the heart of our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Logical thinking and problem-solving skills will be challenged with Simple Rockets, a program that helps users construct an animated rocket to escape the gravitational pull of the Earth to our nearest neighbour, the Moon.

Actual launch schedules (from the European Space Agency, SpaceX and NASA) will be accessed to discover upcoming rocket launches and identify times and positions that celestial objects will be visible from specific locations.

To end, participants will learn to operate free sky simulation software that shows the sky from any location on any date. After everyone checks the sky on the date of their birth, it will also show where to look for significant upcoming astronomical events ― such as the 19 November 2021 partial eclipse of the Moon.

Please note due to COVID-19 restrictions parents may not attend.

These workshops are free, but advance bookings are essential as capacity is limited to ten participants per session.

Book here for ages 7–9. Or see here for dates and times when this workshop series is available for ages 9–12.