Southern Sky Livestream with Heloise Stevance

Duration: 60 minutes
24 April 2021, 7:30–8:30pm Sydney Observatory

Join us on a journey to explore the lives and deaths of stars with New Zealand based astrophysicist Dr Heloise Stevance.

Connecting with Heloise in NZ and broadcasting live from Sydney Observatory from 7:30pm AEST on Saturday 24 April, we’re starting in one of the largest stellar nurseries known to science, then travelling through to nearby clusters and nebulae to better understand what makes our sky sparkle and change over time.

This is a FREE event hosted on the Sydney Observatory’s Facebook Page, register here.

Originally born and raised in France, Stevance moved to the UK to study Physics and Astronomy at the University of Sheffield. After working as a support astronomer at the Isaac Newton Group in La Palma for a year, she obtained a Master of Physics in 2015. She subsequently started a PhD studying the 3D shape of Core Collapse Supernovae and earned her title in Spring 2019. In July of that year, Heloise joined the University of Auckland as a Research Fellow to research the evolution of massive stars to better understand how they die and produce Supernovae and Kilonovae. Heloise also started working in public outreach during my doctorate studies, in early 2016.