Image Credit: ESO/S. Brunier

Southern Sky Livestream: Journey back through time with Devika Kamath

28 November, 9-10pm Sydney Observatory

Journey through the November sky with astrophysicist Devika Kamath.

Broadcasting live from Sydney Observatory, see the highlights of the Southern Sky from our telescopes and journey through time to see the sky like never before. Explore deep sky targets and discover the science behind visible nebulas, star clusters and distant galaxies.

This is a FREE event hosted on Sydney Observatory’s Facebook Page. Tune in from 9pm on 28 November, no registrations required.

Dr Devika Kamath is a stellar astrophysicist and a Senior Lecturer in astronomy & astrophysics at Macquarie University. She is internationally recognised for her pioneering work on observational spectroscopic studies of rare dying stars, and their implications on the origin of chemical elements in our Universe. Her discovery of a new class of stars has proved that our Universe is far more diverse and complex than what standard theories predicted. Dr Kamath has been awarded the prestigious Australian Research Council DECRA fellowship to tackle a long-standing question in astrophysics: ‘How are chemical elements in the Universe produced?’. Fascinated by stars, she decided to become an astronomer at the age of 13. She has produced over 70 scientific publications and won competitive access to telescopes around the world.