Shape 2020, Organic Fusion Headpiece by Georgia Rich. Image: Daniel Boud
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Unpopular draws stories of the alternative music scene of the 1990s from the never-before-seen archive of record company founder Stephen ‘Pav’ Pavlovic.
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Shape 2020 Student Portfolios - Textiles and Design

Finished 9 May 2021
Powerhouse Museum

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Luxe Couture

Yianna Nikos

“Yianna’s detailed explanation highlights aspects of 1940’s Haute Couture, Contemporary Designer Oscar De La Renta, and 18th Century French Architecture. It shows clear relevance of the design inspiration to her chosen focus area, apparel. She has provided a detailed critical analysis and explanation of the contributing historical, cultural and contemporary factors and makes clear references to the neatly labelled and relevant images. Creative and innovate design features are extensively justified and relate strongly to the images presented.”

Examination Criteria

Design Inspiration

Marking Guideline

  • Explains the relationship of the design inspiration to the nominated focus area.
  • Justifies creative and/or innovative design ideas or techniques developed from the design inspiration.
  • Critically analyses and explains the relationship of the design inspiration to the historical/cultural or contemporary factors that have contributed to the design and manufacture of the item/s.
  • Supports written information through communication techniques such as collages of pictures, presented in a contemporary manner.

“Yianna has experimented extensively with materials, equipment, and manufacturing process, with evidence of each experiment and has presented a thorough justification based on comprehensive investigation. Each experiment is appropriate to the item and has influenced design and/or construction of her Haute Couture, French Architecturally inspired strapless dress and smocked cape. Fibre, yarn and fabric properties are evaluated in relation to desired qualities and performance of the apparel item.”

Examination Criteria

Investigation, experimentation & Evaluation

Marking Guideline

  • Experiments with materials, equipment and manufacturing processes applicable to the item and modifies design and/or construction as a result of the experimentation.
  • Provides thorough details of materials, equipment and manufacturing processes used and justifies their use on the basis of comprehensive investigations
  • Evaluates the properties and performance of the fabric, yarn and fibres used in relation to the end-purpose.

Open the Student Portfolio excerpt (PDF).

Expressive Illumination

Zarie Dawson

“Zarie’s product description highlights the modifications made to commercial patterns and accurately describes the Tokyo Streetwear inspired cargo pants, cropped jacket, tank top and face mask. Hand drawn production drawings are fully dimensioned, drawn to scale and clearly communicate cutting instructions and pattern modifications. Fabric swatches are included in the itemised costing table. Order of construction is provided for the pants, jacket, crop top & mask and the product labels contain all required aspects.”

Examination Criteria

Manufacturing Specifications

Marking Guideline

  • Describes item/s accurately and in detail.
  • Produced drawings that clearly reflect the textile item/s and which are of professional standard.
  • Includes all the required details in the technical production plan.
  • Includes a product label that contains all the required aspects appropriate to the selected focus area.

Open the Student Portfolio excerpt (PDF).