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11 October 2021 – 28 August 2022

400 objects that reckon with our cultural history and ever-changing relationships with the gum tree. Powerhouse Ultimo, 11 October 2021 – 28 August 2022.
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Pussyhat Knitting Circle

Finished 3 March 2017
Powerhouse Museum

Ahead of International Women’s Day, join the Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL) to knit a Pussyhat of your own and join a global movement that’s standing up for women’s rights.

About WEL’s Pussyhat campaign

Pussyhats are fast becoming the symbol for modern feminism, It’s already been such a pivotal year for the equality movement, with women turning out in the millions to protest sexist statements world-wide, fashion icons like Missoni marching down the catwalk for women’s rights, and thousands of women knitting Pussyhats to denounce sexism. We’ve come to a point where feminism has never been more mainstream, and yet there are still many barriers standing in the way of true equality – the pay gap, domestic violence and access to health services are just a handful.

Yarn, needles and patterns will be supplied.

The Pussyhat Project launched 23 November 2016 in anticipation and commemoration of the Women’s March on Washington. The Pussyhat Project formed with two aims:

1.     Provide the people of the Women’s March on Washington a means to make a unique collective visual statement (a sea of pink hats) which will help activists be better heard and
2.     Provide people who cannot physically march on the National Mall a way to represent themselves and support women’s rights by creating and gifting Pussyhats.

Underlying this project is the idea that in the process of making Pussyhats, participants would be connecting with each other and laying the groundwork for future political activism. Pussyhat Project is about creating a platform for people to support women’s rights and each other.

For International Women’s Day 2017 WEL is selling Pussyhats as a fundraiser in the hope of seeing a sea of pink Pussyhats at the IWD marches and rallies to show that Australian women stand in solidarity against inequality and discrimination.

The Women’s Electoral Lobby is Australia’s oldest women’s rights organisation and 2017 marks its 45th year.