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Powerhouse Late: The Invisible Revealed

Duration: 5–9pm
Finished 14 April 2022
Powerhouse Ultimo

Explore Powerhouse Ultimo after-hours, grab a drink at the Powerhouse Late bar and learn about photogrammetry, an innovative and artful technology to aid 3D design and visualisation used in theThe Invisible Revealed exhibition. Dive deeper into the stories behind the objects on display in exclusive talks. Enjoy a live dance performance in which dancers will devise image-based scores to make their thoughts and imagination from inside materialise in the external body – much like the exhibition.

The Invisible Revealed shows some of the discoveries the museum has made using new research methods and technologies in collaboration with Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) and the University of New South Wales’ (UNSW) EPICentre to investigate the material composition of objects to answer questions such as ‘How old is an object?’, ‘What is it made of” and ‘How has it been constructed and by whom’.



6 pm Talk about Nuclear Methods and Cultural Heritage by Joseph Bevitt, Senior Instrument Scientist, Dingo (ANSTO)
7.15 pm Unveiling the mysterious stories behind the objects on display in The invisible Revealed, featuring ‘Knife, ‘The Hat or Water Carrier’ and ‘Boomerang’ by Powerhouse Collections Access Coordinator, First Nations Tammi Gissell and Principal Researcher Madeline Poll 
8 pm Talk about new innovative technology solutions for science research and data visualisation with Tomasz Bednarz, Powerhouse Research Fellow and previously Director of the EPICentre (UNSW)



6.30 pm Tour of The Invisible Revealed with Powerhouse curator Deborah Lawler-Dormer 



6.45 pm Tomasz Bednarz and Joseph Bevitt demonstrate the process of investigation and data visualisation 



5–9 pm Photogrammetry workshop with selected objects with June Kim (UNSW) 



5.55 pm

6.25 pm

7.45 pm

Live dance performance in response to The Invisible Revealed exhibition by Martin del Amo and Vicki Van Hout. Curated by Julie-Ann Long, Research Fellow, Powerhouse Museum 




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FREE event as part of Powerhouse Late.

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