Jazz Money, Garrandarang (still), 2021, commissioned by the Powerhouse for Eucalyptusdom

Powerhouse Late: Sydney Writers' Festival

Duration: 5-9pm
Finished 19 May 2022
Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse has teamed up with Sydney Writers’ Festival to deliver a selection of exciting talks, tours, performances and workshops in this after-hours program. Explore all the exhibitions on display, including Microcars, Eucalyptusdom and Graphic Identities, grab a drink at the Powerhouse Late bar and listen to music curated by FBi Radio.



5.30–6 pm The Australian launch of galang 01, published in collaboration with Powerhouse Publishing and Garru Editions. Join Emily McDaniel and Jenna Lee in conversation about embedding First Nations design practice into publishing.



6–7.30 pm Join Tony Birch, Sophie Cunningham, Jazz Money and host Ashley Hay for readings and an informal conversation about changing understandings of the eucalypt in Australian identity and literature, and how art and literature can connect people emotionally with the urgency of climate action. Books available for purchase and signing. 



5.15–6 pm
6.15–7 pm
In this workshop with weaver and poet Anne-Marie Te Whiu, side hustles become the launch pad for new poetry. Bring along a sample of your work outside of writing – this could be photography, knitting, ceramics or anything else – and join Anne-Marie for a session of exploration and exchange. 



6 pm
6.45 pm
7.30 pm
8.00 pm
8.30 pm
Writer and performer Brian Fuata will appear in exhibition and in-between spaces for Irregular readings / spatial addresses, a series of performances throughout the evening. 



5–9 pm A selection of short films that respond to text and writing through moving image, by Akil Ahamat, Em Fishpool & Sam Miers, Garden Reflexxx, Enoch Mailangi, Victoria Pham, Thomas Ragnar Keys and Chi Tran. Curated by Joel Spring.



5–9 pm The Powerhouse Shop Takeover presents an effervescent stable of independent publications on art & design, food culture, sociology, and the natural world. Curated by writer and arts worker Mariam Arcilla, these limited-edition books are sourced from small presses across Australia, and feature a medley of writers, artists, designers, academics, cooks, and cultural workers. Contributors include ︎Xen Nhà, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Sarah Firth, Ellie Bouhadana, Aida Azin, Keg de Souza, Priya Pavri, Leyla Stevens, and Bianca Winataputri. Publishers include Soft Stir, Long Prawn, disorganising, Prich Press, and Heart of Hearts.



Curated by FBi Radio





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FREE event as part of Powerhouse Late.

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