Thinkershield, created by Powerhouse Museum

Physical Computing with Electronics

Duration: 3 hours
Community Space8 - 12 Years

Learn how to code electronics using the ThinkerShield and a standard Arduino board in just 45 minutes!

Held at the Powerhouse Community Space at Parramatta Square, kids aged between eight and 12 are introduced to the world of physical computing and electronic design, using code to control electronic components such as lights and buzzers.

This interactive workshop focuses on Arduino, an open-source microcontroller language, to bring the components to life (think flashing lights and buzzers that emit sounds).

Workshops start at 11am, 12 noon and 1pm and are bookable on arrival.

Don’t have time for a full session? Drop in for some fun STEM activities. Interact with pre-made Arduino projects such as a moisture sensor, light detector and a Fire danger sign.