Image Zan Wimberley, still from the beginning, the middle, the end 2021, video, single channel, 15 mins and 1 second.

Oscillations Audio Series

Live from 4th November 2022

Oscillations is a seven-part audio series that reaches into the Powerhouse collection and unearth stories about the vibrations, fluctuations, and movements woven through our world – and beyond it. For this series of seven commissioned audio works, we’ve invited artists, radio producers, writers and curious people into the Powerhouse collection in search of new interpretations, unresolved positions and expansive provocations – oriented around the theme of Oscillations.

Alexandra Spence channels voltage into a story about space junk and debris; Miyuki Jokiranta steps into the backyard shed of Angas Jones to meet his home healing contraption, the ‘multi-wave oscillator’; Sally Olds examines a ‘dole blitz’ poster and unspools the recent history of unemployment in Australia; John Jacobs and Jane Curtis traces the ingenuity behind the pedestrian button and its development with Blind and Deaf communities; Omar Musa‘s poem swings between necromancy and the search for hidden intimacies; Jinghua Qian interrogates visibility, representation and inscrutability through the lens of Asian Australian history while Dakota Feirer’s investigation pursues the obscured records of the Native Police and the colonial power dynamics that endure today.


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Oscillations Audio Series

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