Death and Dying: Mourning practices and rituals of Australia’s first peoples and ancient Egyptians

Sunday 12 February 2017 2–4pm Powerhouse Museum

In this yarn-up, cultural specialists Maree Clarke, Matt Poll and Dr Ronika Power undertake a conversational comparative analysis of the mourning practices of the ancient Egyptians and Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and speak to issues around the discovery, excavation and repatriation of human remains.


Maree Clarke is a highly regarded member of the of the south-eastern Australian Aboriginal community – not only her inspirational work supporting Aboriginal artists but also for her own successful career as a visual artist. In her practise she works to revive elements of Aboriginal culture that were lost in the period of colonisation and use art as a tool to heal some of our country’s deepest wounds; putting traditional practices into a contemporary context.

Matt Poll is a curator at Sydney University’s Macleay Museum and a specialist in the repatriation of human remains.

Dr Ronika Power is a biocultural archaeologist and a lecturer at Macquarie University.