NASA's Mars 2020 Rover Artist's Concept #1
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Meet the Robot August: Mars Rover

Duration: 30 mins
Finished 28 August 2022
Museums Discovery Centre

The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences replicas of the US space agency NASA’s 2011 Curiosity Mars Rover.

The quarter-scale replica rovers were built by the museum’s own workshop team, using 3D printed and off-the-shelf components. They followed the instructions provided in open-source schematics that NASA published to encourage learning and a deeper interest in its Mars missions at institutions all over the world. The rovers are controlled with programmable electronics including the open-source languages for Arduino and Rasberry Pi along with Unity.

Every Saturday and Sunday in August, the Museums Discovery Centre will host four 30-minute sessions where you can drop in on a demonstration of our rovers in action as they roam inside and outside.

Hosts will be available to answer questions and engage in conversation about autonomous robotics generally, the design process and technology involved in this robot, the current missions exploring Mars and what this all means for the search for life elsewhere in our Solar System.

This free activity is fun for all ages. No bookings are required.

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