The emu in the sky rising in Macquarie Woods Recreational Area, Vittoria March 2020

Make your own Telescope Workshop

Duration: 3 hours
Community Space8 - 12 Years

Held at the Powerhouse Community Space at Parramatta Square, this 45-minute workshop is a perfect way for young astronomers to begin their study of the universe and the wonders of the night sky – just as Galileo did with his homemade spyglass in 1610.

Learners aged eight to 12 will assemble and peer through a simple telescope made with two glass lenses, tubes and 3D printed components. You can even decorate the tube with a star map made by the astronomers from Sydney Observatory.

The result? A simple refracting telescope that can be used to observe almost anything except the sun (which, naturally, should never be attempted). Take your telescope home with you after the workshop.

Workshops start at 11am, 12 noon and 1pm and are bookable on arrival.

Don’t have time for a full session? Drop in for some fun STEM activities. Make, use and keep a western star wheel (planisphere) that will show the position of the stars for at least the next thousand years!