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Graphic Identities: Riso Printing Workshop

Duration: 2 hours
Finished 19 February 2022
Powerhouse Ultimo

This workshop will explore analogue approaches to graphic design and visual communication through risograph printing –– a unique and environmentally friendly stencil printing technique.

Riso printing is known for its vibrant inks, its handcrafted aesthetic, and the ability to layer different colours. It is perfect for producing small to medium editions of art prints, posters, zines and more.

Workshop participants will design their own risograph poster using collage, ink and markers, and print 10 copies to take home, printed in two vibrant colours.

The Rizzeria is a volunteer run co-operative of creatives who own a ME9350 Risograph printer which they make available for public use through open print sessions and workshops.

Learn from experts, be inspired by our collection and meet others in a creative environment.