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For Families: Electronic Design (Ages 8-Adult)

Duration: 2 hours
Workshop8+ Years
29 September 2019, 1-3pm Powerhouse Museum

This is a two-hour workshop for families.

Get an introduction to the world of physical computing. Use code to control electronic components such as lights and buzzers. Fun, fast and accessible, this workshop focuses on Arduino, an open-source microcontroller language, to bring the components to life. Learn how to code in this language using the ThinkerShield and a standard Arduino board.

Family workshops are designed to create conversations between parents and young learners in a shared environment. It creates a platform for learning to continue at home. Because of this each child attending must have an accompanying adult and each person attending must have a valid ticket. If you are looking for a workshop just for your child please look at our “Jump Into” series of workshops also available on weekends.

Please be sure to read our essential information for The Lab workshops.



What is Arduino?

Arduino is the name of the microcontroller board and also the name of the software. The Arduino board can be used to program lights, buzzers, dials, etc.

Where can we download Arduino at home?
The Arduino software can be downloaded from this link

If we want to continue coding at home where can we purchase the ThinkerShield?
The ThinkerShield can be found in our Museum shop as well as online via this link

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