Image: Wukun Wanambi with his work Djalkiri. Courtesy of Art Gallery of South Australia. Photographer: Saul Steed

Eucalyptusdom: Wukun Wanambi Artist Talk

Duration: 1 hour

Join Yolngu artist Wukun Wanambi in conversation with Emily McDaniel (Director, First Nations) to discuss the ceremony, knowledge and process embedded within the 12 larrakitj featured in the Eucalyptusdom exhibition.

“That tree has sacred names: Wanambi, Binykurrngu, Mawulul. It is a person of my clan, the Marrakulu. This group of trees is me and my family. Miṯtji means a group of people. When we cut the skin or bark and use it in the Law it can cleanse us. When the skin has been cut from the trunk that is the bone of us, the Waṉambi people. When the spirit men chop the ancestral tree it falls into the water known as Guḏultja. And there the honey children came. When we see the flowers blossoming we sing dhaŋarra and it reminds us of the spirits of people who have gone and will bloom again. “ 

-Wukun Wanambi

Exhibition Events


1 July 2021 – 1 May 2022

Eucalyptusdom is an exhibition of objects from the Powerhouse Collection alongside new commissions by creative practitioners.
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