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Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives

Finished 30 April 2017
Powerhouse Ultimo

World premiere exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.

Think you know mummies? Think again.

Come face-to-face with six ancient Egyptian mummies and use the latest technology to go beyond the wrappings and discover what lies beneath in Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives, on until 30 April 2017.

Six mummies selected from the British Museum collection who lived and died in Egypt between 1800 and 3000 years ago will be on display alongside their 3D CT scan visualisations that unlock hidden secrets of mummification and provide a unique insight into the everyday lives of ancient Egyptians.

Did these mummified individuals suffer from poor health during their life? What is the significance of the paintings that adorn a coffin? How were bodies mummified to grant the deceased eternal life in the netherworld? These and other questions are answered by the mummies themselves, thanks to the cutting-edge technology utilised in this exhibition, and the age, sex, identity, state of health and mummification of each mummy will be revealed.

Although these mummies are still wrapped, technological developments have enabled curators and researchers to virtually explore the lives of six ancient Egyptians and reveal the secrets of the mummies while preserving and respecting their original condition.

The presentation of this exhibition is a collaboration between the British Museum and the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences.

Visitors are advised that this exhibition contains human remains and CT scan images of mummified human remains.

Please note, strollers must be parked at the cloaking desk on level 3 of the Museum prior to entering the exhibition.

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Please note, this exhibition includes works that are protected under the Protection of Cultural Objects on Loan Act 2013. MAAS is an approved borrowing institution under the PCOL Act. For more information please see our Protection of Cultural Objects on Loan page.

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The Mummies

Discover what lies beneath the wrappings and unlock the mummies’ hidden secrets.

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Learning Resources

These additional background materials are designed to enhance your enjoyment of this exhibition.

Teachers may find the ideas shared here useful in the preparation of classroom learning experiences or to add value before and/or after your Museum visit.

Background Information

Includes background information about the exhibition, CT scanning, the provenance of objects, the care and treatment of human remains, Egyptology in Australia, the six mummies, and about ancient Egypt.

Background Information (PDF, 128 KB)

Word Banks

Word Banks are useful vocabulary lists related to exhibitions for classroom use.

Word Bank – Historical Terms and Concepts (PDF, 114 KB)

Word Bank – Egyptian Gods and Goddesses (PDF, 117 KB)

School bookings

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