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Unpopular draws stories of the alternative music scene of the 1990s from the never-before-seen archive of record company founder Stephen ‘Pav’ Pavlovic.
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Egyptian Mummies Expert Floor Talks

Finished 26 April 2017
Powerhouse Museum

Join some of Australia’s leading and emerging Egyptologists at 2pm every Wednesday and Saturday until 26 April 2017 as they reveal the history behind Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives in this regular series of object focused talks, which delve into specific aspects of ancient Egyptian history, including language, religion, funerary practices, art and architecture, health and medicine and the history of mummy studies. Book for the 2.00 pm session on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Wednesday 26 April: Mystique, Mummies & Magic – The spells and objects needed for mummies to transcend into the afterlife (Dr Sophie Winlaw)


Dr Sophie Winlaw taught Egyptology at Macquarie University for more than a decade and for many years at the Nicholson Museum. Her PhD focused on analysing the architectural features of the fifth dynasty tombs built around the pyramids at Giza and Saqqara. This work also determined that the Giza tomb owners were related to the fourth dynasty royal family buried at this site. During the writing of her thesis she had access to many of these tombs as she was working at both Giza and Saqqara for a number of years with Macquarie University. She has also excavated and recorded tombs at Tehna in Egypt, a Greco-Roman theatre in Cyprus and multiple sites around Sydney.