Death and Dying: Deadly Ones in da'House!

Sunday 2 April 2017, 2-4pm Powerhouse Museum

When a 10 year old girl takes her life in a regional community, how can we reconcile that as a characteristic of the 21st century norm? Have we become conditioned to accept the black plague of youth suicide as a rite of passage? Why are our young people becoming so desensitised that self-harm seems like it’s their only option? Could re-connection to culture be the way forward?

We have many fine Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hip-hop artists working in the youth-at-risk space. Artists like Darren Compton (Doonooch Dancers), Jacqueline Cornforth (Move it Mobstyle), Jake Izzy (Izzy and the Prophet), Ghenoa Gelaand Phillip Murray – Yorta Yorta cultural worker and hip-hop artist working in the Mallee, which has the highest rate of youth suicide in the country but where arts and cultural practice has had a positive impact. In this In-conversation we will examine these questions and look at ways that communities are keeping their young ones alive by building connections to cultural practices and strengthening their own identities with a sense of hope for the future.

Deadly artists in action!