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Culinary Archive Podcast

Live from 27th September

The Culinary Archive Podcast is a six-part series with food journalist Lee Tran Lam exploring Australia’s foodways: from First Nations food knowledge to new interpretations of museum collection objects, scientific innovation, migration, and the diversity of Australian food.

Inspired by objects in the collection like a century’s worth of Vegemite packaging, a Maningrida string bag used for collecting oysters, a hand-written tomato sauce recipe from 1858, and a soy sauce jar sold in a gold-mining town: we hear from chefs, researchers, and business owners to unwrap the sweet and savoury truths behind Oysters, Coffee, Grain, Beer and Vegemite, Tomatoes and Soybeans.

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Culinary Archive Podcast

with food journalist Lee Tran Lam
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