Stephen Bird, Courtesy of National Art School
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Clay Dynasty

11 October 2021 – 29 January 2023

Major exhibition to chart the diversity of studio ceramics in Australia - a collaboration with Aileen Sage Architects, AX Interactive, supported by Brickworks.
Closed event

Clay Dynasty Masterclass with Stephen Bird and National Art School

Finished 23 October 2021
National Art School

The Powerhouse is partnering with local ceramic studios to develop a masterclass program in conjunction with the Clay Dynasty exhibition.

Participating ceramic studios have invited guest artists to deliver a series of masterclass workshops exploring modern and traditional ceramic techniques. The masterclasses will be held at each studio and all materials will be provided.

Join Stephen Bird at National Art school in a Raku and the art of alchemy masterclass.

Learn to use flame, heat and molten glazes to turn base metals into gold lusters. Raku is a type of low-fired and glazed earthenware inspired by traditional Japanese raku firing. This style of raku involves removing bright, red-hot pottery from the kiln and placing it into containers with combustible materials to create post-fired reduction, producing a lustrous surface.