Articulated Robot Hands Workshops

Duration: 3 hours
Community Space4 - 12 Years

Need an extra hand?

Held at the Powerhouse Community Space at Parramatta Square, during this 45-minute workshop kids aged four to 12 will be able to make a simple cardboard hand extension.

Run by Powerhouse Museum in partnership with Sydney artist Tully Arnot, this fascinating science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) project will help you understand the basic principles of robotics and human anatomy.

You don’t need any electronics – just some everyday household materials. Best of all, you can take your articulated hand home and put it to work there!

Workshops start at 11am, 12 noon and 1pm and are bookable on arrival..

Don’t have time for a full session? Drop in for some fun STEM activities. Connect a servo motor to an Arduino electronic prototyping platform and a ThinkerShield micro-controller, changing the motor’s speed using a potentiometer.