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50th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum

Finished 1 January 2018
Powerhouse Museum

On 27 May 1967 the Australian Federal Government held a referendum. This is the question the nation was presented with:

‘Do you approve the proposed law for the alteration of the Constitution entitled “An Act to alter the Constitution” so as to omit certain words relating to the people of the Aboriginal race in any state so that Aboriginals are to be counted in reckoning the population?’

An overwhelming 90.77% of Australians voted in favour of the amendment, which enabled the inclusion of Australia’s Aboriginal people in the census and in electoral calculations. It was the highest YES vote ever recorded in a Federal referendum.

In 2017, MAAS commemorates the 50th anniversary of this milestone with a display of works from the collection by Indigenous artists.

MAAS is commemorating two significant milestones in Indigenous history with a showcase honouring the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Mabo decision at Sydney Observatory and a display at the Powerhouse Museum for the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Referendum.