The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences has a range of content available under several different rights categories throughout all of our websites.

© All rights reserved

This means that the work is under current Copyright restrictions. This means that it may not be reproduced, communicated or copied (other than for the purposes of fair dealing, as defined in the Copyright Act 1968 without the Copyright holder’s permission.

In some cases the Museum (as the Trustees of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences) is the Copyright holder, and in other cases Copyright is held by a third-party and the work is licensed to the Museum.

No known Copyright restrictions

This means that the Museum is unaware of any current Copyright restrictions on this work. This can be because the term of Copyright for this work may have expired or that Copyright does not apply to this type of work. The majority of images with ‘no known Copyright’ are being made available for public download through the Commons on Flickr.

Public domain

Content identified as public domain is no longer covered by Copyright in Australia.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons Non-commercial with Attribution and Attribution Share-Alike licenses are used for different sections of text documentation in our online collection. Both require attribution and have limited restrictions. Attribution should be given as Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences. Full license details are available from Creative Commons.

For Copyright enquiries

Please contact:
Rights and Permissions Officer (02) 9217 0172.