What Our People Say

“I have the best job in the world. My day starts by climbing the 34 stairs into the northern telescope dome at Sydney Observatory, powering up the solar telescope to safely view the sun, looking out for sun spots, prominences or the occasional solar flare. I might have a quick look at The Moon or Venus too, if they are visible. I spend my day (and often night too) communicating history and science to visitors of all ages, including school students, seniors, tourists, families and ESL groups. Working at Sydney Observatory is inspiring as my role enables me to literally expand the horizons of visitors by enabling them to use our telescopes to peer our into the universe while I field questions and lead discussions on some truly fascinating subjects, such as spaghettification and the relativistic effects of travelling near a black hole, human colonization of Mars, as well as discussions on the possibility of life somewhere else in the universe.”

Brenan Dew
Programs Team

“Knowing that I’m able to make a difference, making life better for my people and being able to contribute to the sharing of that cultural leadership with our future generations. That is an absolute privilege.”

Marcus Hughes
Programs Producer – Indigenous

“I hope to promote an understanding and appreciation of design and architecture through communication methods and display techniques outside of the conventional framework, enlisting platforms that encourage interaction and accommodate the changing needs of our visitors.”

Keinton Butler
Senior Curator, Design and Architecture