Australian Culinary Archive

Image: Daniel Boud

The Australian Culinary Archive, an initiative by the Powerhouse Museum, is the first nationwide culinary archive to collect the important histories of the Australian food industry including chefs, producers, writers and restauranteurs.

This new national archive launches with generous commitments from Australian food icons including the family of Margaret Fulton, Peter Gilmore, Guy Grossi, Kylie Kwong, Andrew McConnell, Neil Perry, Ben Shewry and John Susman.

The Australian Culinary Archive will begin its collecting period from 1968 which was the year The Margaret Fulton Cookbook was published. The Margaret Fulton Collection will be foundational within the Museum’s broader national archive. Materials collected will include: oral histories; written materials, reviews, restaurant designs and will bring together comprehensive collections of individuals and businesses across Australia.

Community and industry engagement with the archive will be supported at Powerhouse Parramatta through the establishment of the Vitocco Family Kitchen. This collaborative event, education and research space will support an ongoing industry and community food program, that will include masterclasses, producer events, research, secondary school programs, industry development and culturally specific events.

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