Access to Government Information

Disclosure Log

Information previously released by MAAS

Under the Government Information Public Access Act 2009 (‘the GIPA Act’), MAAS is required to keep a record (a disclosure log) of information about formal applications it receives under the GIPA Act.

The disclosure log sets out information that has been released under the GIPA Act, often in response to a specific request from a member of the public or an organisation that may be of interest to other members of the public. The log has details of how you can access the information.


Reference no. Date application decided Description of the information provided and type of release Form of access
A/16/038 10/07/2015 MAAS Board of Trustees – Trust Minutes – 1 January 2014 to 30 May 2015 Access available upon request.
A/16/137 26/03/2016 Powerhouse Museum residential postcode data for visitors for 2015. Access available upon request.
A/17/103 27/07/2017 Acquisition, deaccession lists, MAAS Deaccession Policy, MAAS Foundation financial information. Access available upon request.
SU18/330 09/07/2018 MAAS Ball Financial Analysis, Security logs Access available upon request.
SU18/371 09/07/2018 MAAS Ball Financial Analysis Access available upon request.
SU18/372 12/07/2018 MAAS Ball – Security logs, Security reports, Event report Access available upon request.
SU18/477 02/08/2018 List of deaccessions 2017/2018 financial year; Presentation – Collection Relocation & Logistics, Curatorial Collections & Exhibitions – 15 June 2018 Access available upon request.
SU18/478 02/08/2018 MAAS Board of Trustees – Trust Minutes – 14 February 2018; MAAS Board of Trustees – Trust Minutes – 9 May 2018; MAAS Board of Trustees correspondence Access available upon request.
SU18/905 14/02/2019 Centre for Fashion Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes from January 2017; Centre for Fashion and Australian Fashion Fund financial information; Acquisitions purchased from Centre for Fashion and Australian Fashion Fund sources; MAAS Ball original budget Access available upon request.