Regional Resources

Conservation Resources

For information on a number of Conservation topics with handy information sheets, visit the Conservation Resources page.


Digital and video conference programs provide educational opportunities for Primary and Secondary students in regional communities. For more information, view our Primary and Secondary School Programs.

Available Exhibition Furniture

As part of our annual stocktake of exhibition furniture, we are able to offer excess showcases and other display equipment to our regional partners.

To see what is available, view the Available Exhibition Furniture list. For more information, or to register your interest in a particular piece, please email productionadmin@maas.museum.

Loans and Collection Access

Our extensive and diverse collection is available for loan to Regional museums and galleries. For more details, download our Outgoing Loans Program Information sheet.

Regional Museum and Gallery Information Sheets

These sheets are written especially for Regional Museums and Galleries and contain useful information about Museum Practice topics.

Designing an Exhibition
Labelling Your Display or Exhibition
Programming for Your Museum or Gallery

Regional Webinar Series

A selection of webinars that were designed for staff and volunteers of smaller museums and the collecting sector. A 30-minute presentation with slides is followed by a 15-minute Q+A session. The webinars are free to view.

Digitising Your Collection
Programming Public Events
Curating a Fashion Exhibition
Making Invisible Mannequins
Artist in Conversation: Nicole Barakat
Museum Audio Visual Displays
Curating Large Objects
Copyright in Museums
Artist in Conversation: Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran
Handling, Housing and Moving Objects
Artist in Conversation: Anna May Kirk
Artist in Conversation: Ebony Russell
Designing and Installing Displays
Designing and Installing Displays
Critiquing Historical Collections through Contemporary Commissions
Preventative Conservation and Conservation of Hazardous Materials
Programming for Change
Visible Thinking in the Museum


A number of our publications are useful for regional collecting institutions and available to download.

Rust Never Sleeps: Care and Conservation of Farm Machinery
All Is Not Lost: The Collection Recovery Book

For more information, see our Bookshop.

Touring Exhibitions

We develop a suite of exhibitions to tour regionally. For more information, see our list of travelling exhibitions. View highlights of 2019 David Malin Awards: Winning Sky Photos travelling exhibition in a short video narrated by curator Andrew Jacob.